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As a member, we guide you to manage your funds includes expense tracking, investment, budgeting, banking and taxes.

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Identify Patterns

Double Top / Bottom, Head and Shoulders, Rising and Falling Wedges, Bullish and Bearish Rectangles, Pennants, Triangles (Symmetrical, Ascending, and Descending), we will help you to identify them.


If you like fundamental analysis but tired of reading thousands of words every day? We only pick important news and sent it to your mobile phone.


We aim to update frequently, giving you Forex signals, chats and news every day.

Dedicated Support

If you have any needs just go to our support page or contact us. we'll be happy to help.

Forex Excel Money Management

Forex Signals with technical analysis.

Our services provide more than just a "Forex signals", we don't just give you an entry point like others. We help you to identify patterns, for a beginner you will learn with us, for professional traders, we save your time.

Our charts from all major pairs, minor pairs, and commodities. Signals and charts will be sent to your mobile phone such as Telegram, Whatsapp, Wechat.

We also provide FX news and strategies to all of our subscribed members.

Together we make more pips.

Major & Minor pairs

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Manage your funds will be easier

All subscribers will get a free excel sheet to help you to manage your funds.

All of our updates will be sent to your favorite app, you don't have to log into this website at all.

Support is also available with a mobile app.

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Forex Excel Money Management









Target 15% – 25%
Monthly Growth Rate

Target 40 – 50%
Yearly Growth Rate

60 – 70%
Trade Success Rate

1 – 2% Stop Loss

FX Freebies

  • FX Signals (occasionally)


Life Time
€1000Life Time
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  • FX Signals
  • FX Strategies
  • FX Files Library
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  • Excel Sheet (Funds management)
  • VIP Zone(Coming Soon)
We accept 28 currencies

As a Forex trader, we care about the exchange rate, we are proud to let you know that we accept 28 currencies.
You can pay with your preferred currency. We also accept VISA, Mastercard, Paypal, Skrill and Bank Transfer.

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Register an account on this website, choose the service you would like to subscribe. You can also contact us on our Telegram. We will add you to our system after you pay the subscription fee.

You can pay with your VISA Card, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill and bank transfer( We accept 28 currencies).

We aim to update at least one signal and chart every day. You will also get a weekly chart at the end of the week and a monthly chart at the end of the month from time to time.

At least 1:1.3 for a short-term trade, and 1:2 – 1:4 for a long-term trade.

During London and NY sessions.

You can join our Telegram channel, we update news very often and chart sometimes.

We send it to your phone and our member area on this website.

We update news about the important events. However, we might not provide signals during that time. If we do, please note that the risk can be higher than usual.

You will receive our charts from all major pairs, all minor pairs, DXY and XAUUSD(Gold)

If you have any questions, you can contact us at our Telegram. We will try to reply as soon as possible.

Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm. (London time)
We do reply during the non-working hours. But it might take longer.

Technical analysis and Fundamental analysis

Normally, our update does not include indicators. However, we do use the indicators below sometimes.

  • Moving average (SMA)
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Stochastic

On our charts, we will try to identify Trend Line, Channels, Elliott Wave Theory, ABCD pattern, Divergences, Breakout, Price Action, Candlesticks Patterns, Support and Resistance point, Key Level, Fibonacci, Patterns, Stop loss and Take Profits Suggestion.

Please check this website homepage.

Trading carries high volume of risk, trader is expected to acknowledge the risk and have basic knowledge about Forex trading. We are not responsible for your loss.

It depends on the market. Our goal is target 40% return per year without loss.
*Past performance does not guarantee future price.

H1, H4, D1, Weekly and Monthly.

We do long-term trading a lot. We also care about the swap. We usually pick positive swap for our long-term trade.

All your transactions are protected by industry standard HTTPS encryption.

We noticed some people using our name and pretend it is theirs. Please make sure you subscribe from this official website and contact the right person from our official social media accounts. Telegram, Instagram and Facebook. Anything else is fake.

We care about your privacy as much as our funds, we will never share your information to other third-party without your agreement.