We are a group of successful traders from London and Hong Kong. We have been trading for 10 years. From the beginning, we all blew our accounts at least once, but we learned our lessons. After two years of struggling, we finally have stable profits for many years, stick to our strategy, manage our funds better than before. In 2015, we founded Vosive to share our stories.

We believe anyone can be taught to become a trader. As long as you are willing to learn and never give up. Will that be you?

We share our ideas, analyses and stories. We want to make people understand that investing is not gambling, risk and reward can be calculated.

Keep Motivated

If you follow us, we promise we will keep you motivated. Don't forget to follow us on instagram for more motivation.


We provide signals to help traders to trade, please note that it is not guaranteed to profit. You should understand Forex risk. We expect you to use our signals with your strategy, if one of our signals doesn't match your strategy, please do not follow blindly.

Forex Channel

We would like to build a Forex team to maximum the profits and minimum the risk, you are welcome to join our Telegram Channel and forum to share your trading ideas to other traders.


Not just about Forex, we also have Bonds, Stocks, Retirement, Financial Advisors, Real Estate and Gold.

Money Management

Without money management you will lose all your profit eventually, if you don't have any management, use our service to help you. Once you join we will also give you our Excel file to manage your funds. And don't forget to will Stop Loss to manage your funds.


We share our analysis, you can also find it on tradingview.com, if you join our community you will even see more or it and other traders too.

Success Trades

Some of our successful trades are posted publicly.


To become a successful trader, it takes time, here are some motivation for you. Don't give up on your financial freedom dream.